Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Eat and drink and be merry for tomorrow…

The Christmas Gremlin has already wiped its feet on the way out and left our homes looking like a tinsel and wrapping paper tsunami has destroyed all in its path.

The biggest issues left behind by the yuletide wave is not the irritating pile of useless cheap gifts from a perfumed auntie whose name escapes you. Its not the worry that your arse will be twice as big tomorrow as it was yesterday, and it wont be the fear that your boss will remember you goosing him at the Christmas party.

No, by far the biggest and most worrying leftover from the chocolate and pine needle orgy is the kitchen full of food you cannot possibly eat. Two days ago you invaded Tossco’s panicked by the knowledge that it would be closed for a unbearable 48hrs (how could they desert us at such a time of need!?) Multiple shopping trolleys were filled to gut straining levels with foods of a type and quantity that were obviously beyond the ability of our already over-stretched appetites to deal with.

Now fridges and cupboards, coffee tables and bedsides are stacked with a half opened, once nibbled, piles of seasonal indulgencies, which form a series of shrines and monuments to our vanity and greed. We may as well light candles and say a little prayer as yet another round of bread and wine are forced between our greasy, egocentric, retail fattened lips.

Ok, my rant is a tad excessive! Not as excessive though, as the grocery bill and the compound injustice of seeing the mountain of food, which will hit the wheelie bins as we tumble toward our New-Year box of Resolve.

Each year the excess creates guilt. New Years Resolutions and the deep down satisfaction that ‘I’m worth it’ then gently pacify the guilt!

Here’s a suggestion; for the first year ever, why not replace the guilt and the need to compensate for your misjudgement and turn it into something positive. Take that feeling of regret and shame and use it as motivation to redress the crime by actually doing something for others over the coming year.

Whether it is setting up a DD for a needy cause, or sweeping up at your church hall. Whether it is remembering to call on elderly neighbours or simply being less aggressive and self-serving whilst shoving your way along life’s’ commute. Find a way to say sorry for being such a greedy indulgent egotist.
This year give something back, and in the process you will gain much more than you will ever fit in a dozen Tesco’s trolleys.

Here endeth the lesson.
Jools Chapter 25 vs 12

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