Monday, 27 October 2008

Where have all the Policemen gone?

We have hundreds of traffic laws but no policemen to enforce them. Newports’ traffic police are too busy polishing their patrol cars ready for the 2010 Ryder cup, to do their proper job.

Every day I travel through the centre of Newport, usually by car or push bike & I am getting increasingly angry about the bus lanes being flooded with arrogant oafs who will continue to ignore the law. Whilst I sit there in my car, during peak times, obediently obeying the law and queuing up alongside a bus lane, many, many cars use the bus lane and regardless of the rest of us playing by the rules.

The general speed of cars has increased also. Many a Chav can raz his Corsa as fast as his fake Nike trainers can press the pedal, with no real worry that anyone is going to stop him. Around town where there are so many children and old people, speed limits should be 20mph everywhere. At the moment the actual average speed feels more like 45mph.

In London, the bus lanes have cameras and fines as an incentive not to ignore them. In Newport, the only restricting factor is your own bravery. Will you be brave enough to face the anger of your fellow motorists as you nip up the inside and save yourself 10 minutes?

When was the last time you saw a police car stopping a criminal motorist in Newport? When was the last time you actually saw a proper traffic car.

Here is my solution; either, get rid of all the bus lanes and speed limits and in true Darwinian style, it will become survival of the fittest. Or properly enforce the laws that you, the authorities, established in the first place.

Alternatively you could allow citizen power to sort the problem and I will mount a machine gun on the roof of my pick-up truck and open fire on the next ignorant arse who ignores the law and thinks that bus lanes are shortcuts and speed limits are quaint traditions which should be treated with absolute contempt.